my name is jes, and I am alright. they/them plz.
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lol I just realized it was not even friday when I posted this ask meme #loseur

these are good. 

2. Do you think you’re at all like your star sign? 

I have like a preliminary interest in astrology. I would say I think my sun moon and rising are accurate (sagittarius capricorn aries respectively). I think my chart sounds accurate. 

7. Which book have you read that left the strongest idea of its world? Do you have a clear idea of its map?

This is a gr8 question, but I feel like I’m kind of a terrible reader. I used to read a lot when I was younger, but once I had the internet/started reading for school, I practically stopped reading for fun. I don’t really think about stuff like this. Maybe the Gregor the Overlander books (that Suzanne Collins YA series I read instead of Hunger Games). 

9. Tell me about your fake names and pen names and what your parents almost named you.

Names are weird for me. here is a secret: when I was a sophomore in college, I made a secret trans blog to try to figure out gender things under the name ‘levitt.’ because I was going through a joseph gordon-levitt phase (this is very embarrassing to me now). 

Nelson used to have this fake name he would tell to men. We decided I should have one too. We picked ‘seth’ (we had both just read Beloved by Toni Morrison). I only used it once, at a Jamba Juice. I was terrified they would like catch me lying. 

If I had been dmab, my parents would have named me Gregory. I used to think that was really comforting, bc ‘Greg Tom’ does not sound like someone I want to be. But then I figured out I could’ve gone by ‘Grey’ or ‘Rory’ and I got sad

28. Tell me about your scent memories.

At my store there’s a massage oil candle that smells like…something…from going to Hawaii as a kid. I put it on my hands when I need some sun. 

I go through phases of wanting to wear a scent, usually corresponding with some phase of my life, usually a relationship. So I have all these bottles of perfume that each smell like a relationship I’ve had. It’s weird.

46. Do you have a favourite planet? 

My favorite planet is Earth because it made something as cool as dinosaurs possible. Humans were kind of a doozy, but hey who knows what will come next


*solidarity fist emoji*

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